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10 home improvement tips for beginner DIY’ers

30 January 2018

If you’re a DIY beginner thinking about undertaking some home improvement, you’ll want to make sure you start with some easy tasks. We understand that not everyone has the budget to hire an interior designer to enhance their home which is why we’ve come up with some cheap and simple tasks that you can spend your free time on.

Improve your entryway

Trust us when we say that you can improve the look of your entryway in only a matter of hours. That is, once you’ve bought the accessories you’ll need. Spruce up your exterior with a new doormat, a new house number, and some potted plants, and you’ll quickly see what a difference they can make.  If you have some more spare time on your hands, why not be inspired and change the colour of your front door? Just make sure that you invest in the right type of paint and that you catch the weather on a good day.

Install a new kitchen backsplash

If your kitchen is looking a little drab and dated, a new backsplash can be an easy way to bring some new life into the room. To install it yourself, we recommend using mosaic tiles that you can arrange any way that you choose by applying some thin-set adhesive to the wall with a trowel. This gives you a great chance to get creative.

Modernise your cabinets

One of the easiest DIY projects we’ve found is to update your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. As long as they’re still in good working order, replacing the doors can be done quickly. Alternatively, you could scour the internet for some interesting handles and knobs that will give your cabinets a fancy new look at very little cost.

Add a new lighting fixture

Dedicate a weekend to a project that will not only bring more light into your home but give it a makeover that looks fresh out of a magazine. DIY light fixtures such as a Hula Hoop Lamp will work well in minimalist interiors and can stand as a great talking point for when you next have guests.

Open up small spaces

Small spaces shouldn’t deter you from completing the DIY projects you really want to do. In fact, opening up a small space could be a project in itself. Consider ways that you can create more storage in your home such as adding some simple shelving into an empty alcove. If you’re looking to make the most of a small space, we recommend investing in aluminium bi fold doors that can provide a range of practical benefits.

Add crown moulding

This project might seem intimidating to rookie DIY’ers, but if you follow the necessary steps, you should be able to get it right first time. Crown moulding can be an incredibly elegant addition to any room, just make sure that you refrain from using MDF in kitchens and bathrooms as humidity can cause it to change shape.

Get creative overhead

Once you’ve added your crown moulding, you might want to think about getting even more creative and adding some features to your ceiling. Wallpapering ceilings has become a huge interior design trend over recent years and when done correctly can end up looking amazing.

Remove wall blemishes

Are your walls long overdue some touch ups? Grab some spackling compound and a blade and get to work on making your walls as smooth as ever. Remember to remove any excess compound with a damp cloth and leave your walls for a while before you repaint the problem areas.

Upcycle some furniture

Those looking for a DIY project that allows them to flex their creative muscles should head to their local second-hand store and pick up a piece of furniture that they can upcycle. This gives you the opportunity to create a piece for your home that is completely tailored to you. Decorate a chair with decoupage, stain an old wooden table, or transform a picture frame into something that you’ll be proud of.

Get framing

Speaking of picture frames, another creative way to spend a few hours of your weekend is to finally get around to framing all of those pieces of art you’ve had lying around for some time. This gives the perfect finishing touch to any room and can be done to your exact taste.


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