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We offer competitive benefits to attract and retain top talent.

Our Benefits Package

Full-time employees at all U.S. locations are eligible for disability coverage, life insurance, health care, confidential counseling, retirement programs and education assistance. Part-time and seasonal employees may be eligible for benefits based on the hours they work and their length of service.

Hormel Foods employees are eligible for a retirement savings plan that includes company contributions. In fiscal year 2019, we contributed $43 million to our defined contribution benefit plans. We continue to maintain these plans on a fully-funded basis.

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Inspired Health

We encourage and empower our employees to make healthy lifestyle choices. Our Inspired Health companywide initiative includes on-site fitness centers and fitness center discounts, wellness and nutrition challenges and education, and confidential health and wellness support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition to an employee assistance program that offers on-demand mental health resources and access to professional counseling services, we also offer a robust set of physical health benefits. This includes access to a virtual-first chronic care provider for those team members looking to make lasting changes to improve health. The program, through a leading vendor, combines behavior science, clinical protocols and health and nutrition counseling to tackle a host of chronic conditions to improve lasting health.


Our goal is to attract, retain, motivate and reward high-performing individuals. We strive to be the employer of choice in all areas where we have locations by providing a fair living wage and comprehensive benefits package to meet the needs of team members and their families. We follow all established minimum wage requirements; however, minimum wages are generally not relevant as most of our entry-level positions at our office locations and production facilities require a higher level of skills or knowledge than jobs in which the minimum wage would apply. We review compensation at least annually to ensure it is equitable. We offer merit-based pay increases based on a formal performance management process and use a well-established process that is blind to race, gender, ethnicity or ability for determining related pay changes.

Profit Sharing

We return a portion of our profit back to employees, either as a cash payment or a contribution to our Joint Earning Profit Sharing Trust Plan. In fiscal year 2018, we distributed $17.9 million to eligible employees.


We look for ways to help employees find a healthy, happy work-life balance. This includes flex-time, alternative work schedules, part-time positions, telecommuting, a summer-hours program and flexible leave options following a child’s birth, adoption or placement in foster care.