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We understand that consumers are increasingly requesting cage-free eggs and are proud of the fact that 100 percent of the shell and liquid eggs we purchase for use in the manufacturing of Hormel Foods branded products globally are cage free.

As we acquire new companies and add brands, we continually work to integrate them into our supply chain, ensuring they will meet the corporate responsibility commitments we have made as a corporation.

Broiler Chickens

Hormel Foods works closely and dialogues continuously with our partners who raise and supply the animals that are used in the products we make. Through this dialogue, we have been able to implement pioneering work in the area of controlled atmosphere stunning and improved handling of turkeys, and adopt other advanced welfare positions.

We have been engaged in dialogue with internal and external stakeholders around improvements in broiler chicken welfare. Led by our Applegate team, as a purchaser of these raw materials, we encourage our suppliers to progressively adopt changes to animal raising systems that will ensure better welfare outcomes for broiler chickens. These improvements include transitions to enhanced enrichments in the growing environment, improved handling for live animals on farm and the implementation of controlled atmosphere stunning systems at processing facilities.

Please read our Broiler Chicken Commitment for additional information.